Great way to end the trip, a birds eye view of the Nile from the top of Murchison Falls

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30+ Amazing and Interesting facts about Uganda

Great way to end the trip, a birds eye view of the Nile from the top of Murchison Falls
A birds eye view of the River Nile from the top of Murchison Falls

Uganda is a country in East Africa. The country has abundant wildlife, it is home to the endangered mountain gorillas and has nearly 1,061 different bird species. The tourist infrastructure in the country is well developed.

Uganda is a perfect vacation spot for those that like to visit a country with a tropical climate. The official language of Uganda is English, but languages such as Swahili and Luganda are also used.

Apart from wildlife, these are some interesting facts about Uganda:

  1. Uganda’s tourism industry is best known for its gorillas, but the country is also home to 11% of the world’s bird population with nearly 1,061 different bird species.
  2. Uganda has no National Flower
  3. Football is the national sport
  4. Kampala, the capital city is the best East African capital city to live in according to Quality of Life Survey conducted by Mercer.
  5. They drive on the left hand side of the road in Uganda.
  6. For every tree you cut down, you have to plant 3 more!
  7. If you tell a “Ugandan-if not “Africans”in general” to meet you at 4.00pm, don’t actually expect to see them until at least 4:30 or later, This theory has been tested and proven and is known as African time
  8. Ugandan ladies never call. They only beep if they want to tell you something. This theory is also scientifically proven and tested.
  9. There is no such thing as ketchup, Only a gel like “Tomato sauce”.
  10. Uganda has one of the smallest churches in the world . Measuring 8ft tall and 2.5metres wide, the chapel in Nebbi town, can only accommodate three people, including the preacher.
  11. Uganda has the highest density of primates in the world, more in land, water bodies compared to any country on the continent
  12. Bicycles are the main type of transportation in most towns of Uganda
  13. Uganda is the same size as Oregon State in the United States of America (Uganda population 39,996,028– Oregon population 4,013,845.).
  14. Uganda is a land locked country, bordered by Kenya to the East, Democratic republic of Congo in the west, South Sudan in the North, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south.
  15. Uganda is green throughout the year.
  16. Uganda is the world’s 2nd most populous landlocked country after Ethiopia (Uganda – 39,996,028, Ethopia- 101,231,602)
  17. In Uganda, a rolex is not popular because its a watch, its a street food.
  18. Uganda is one of the home to the endangered mountain gorillas, which are almost extinct.  There are only 750 left in the world, and they can only be found between Bwindi National Park in Uganda, Parc de volcanoes National park in Rwanda, and Virunga in Congo.
  19. Uganda has 6.8% of World butterfly species
  20. The capital City “Kampala” is dusty, one of the dirtiest and potholed cities in the world
  21. People don’t stay on trees in Uganda!
  22. Some people i.e the pygmies and bushmen stay in Bushes.
  23. There are over 30+ different indigenous language’s spoken in Uganda
  24. English is the national language of Uganda
  25. A huge swathe of territory in Torit (in present day South Sudan), twice as wide as Buganda, stretching all the way from the east of Juba and the entire east of the Nile to the Ethiopia border was part of Uganda.
  26. Uganda is the smallest of the only 4 African countries whose bird species is above the 1000 mark(Recorded within an area comparable to the size of Great Britain)
  27. The Longest river(River Nile) in the world has its source in Uganda.
  28. Contrary to the popular belief by Europeans, Americans e.t.c, Officials at Entebbe Airport are not Lions, Trust me, many have been disappointed…….
  29. Boda boda’s “dubbed Uganda’s silent killers” are most efficient mode of transport and the scariest thing ever
  30. The worlds largest tropical lake and the worlds 2nd largest fresh water body,  Lake Victoria is partly found in Uganda.
  31. Mt.Elgon has the largest volcanic base in the world
  32. 8% species of the world mammals are in Uganda.
  33. The earliest-known ancestor of modern apes and humans, the 20 million old fossilized Morotopithecus were unearthed in the 60’s near moroto in Eastern Uganda and are now housed at the National  Museum.
  34. People from Europe/America are seen as a ticket out of poverty since they have the mentality that there is no poverty in the western world.
  35. Astonishing fact is that nearly 50% population in Uganda is under the age of 14. With such low age, it is world’s youngest country. The average age of Ugandan’s is just 50 to 60 years.
  36. If you are presented with a meal of of pan fried grasshoppers in Uganda, consider yourself a special guest because it is one of the favourite treats in the country
  37. “I need to make a short call” is a phrase that is often used to mean going to the restroom in Uganda

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