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An Instagram Journey through Uganda. 20+ beautiful pictures

It’s nigh-on impossible to take bad pictures in much of Uganda.  There’s a wealth of natural beauty and magical wonders that just sings when you point your lens at it.

Whether it is strolling the busy-dusty streets of Kampala, hiking down the shore of a crater in western Uganda or climbing the mountains of the moon(Mt. Rwenzori) in Kasese, You will be struck with a picture-perfect view around every corner or at every viewpoint. Even a visit to the remote Kidepo Valley Park, a place with stunning rugged and scenic wonders and an abundance of wildlife, birds, will enchant you with its magic.

Sir Winston Churchill had to say this “ … For magnificence, for variety of form and color, for profusion of brilliant life – insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale, Uganda is truly the Pearl of Africa…” ~ Winston Churchill

Here are the 20+ beautiful pictures of Uganda on Instagram


Last night we broke new ground, expanding our gardens beyond our original design. We planted corn and squash and, just as we finished, rain and then a rainbow blessed us and our new planting. This place amazes me. We do everything by hand here. We don’t have tillers or a tractor or any of the modern conveniences of home. Instead we have a Ugandan style hoe and some jerrycans to haul water from the river below. We have the strength in our bodies and unwavering faith in our hearts. We are led by the coolest parts of the day and will continue planting the overflow of kale, cabbage, and okra seedlings into this new space. We’ll plant onions too. Lots of them. As many as possible. We will propagate plants and share seeds. We will tend to this patch of earth that God has given us and be amazed by the miracle of all the promise that comes into being. This morning I awoke from a dream in which we were taking all the overflow from the garden and feeding it to the elderly. There were many of us and we went out into communities looking for those who were alone and unable to care for themselves. For some we even made sure they had cookers and charcoal. Then we began to cook. More and more people came. It all just took on a life of its own. After all, that is often how the best things happen. 💛 #blessingsfromheaven #thejoycollective #demonstrationgardens #malnutritionrecovery #uganda #africa #landscapes #rainbow #godspromise #gardening #permaculture #organicgardening #seedsaving #feedingprogram

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Agricultural landscape in Kasese, southwest Uganda. Crops grown are beans, corn, ground nuts, and others.

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Punishment Island, Lake Bunyoni, Uganda – unmarried pregnant women were dropped on this tiny island which often meant death.

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The beauty of Uganda! Found in Napak district! #travel #uganda #giftedbynature

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Mumbai is one of the most built up and congested cities I have lived in. Wherever I look, a new high rise block of flats is being built in front of slums and overflowing trains constantly come and go. Life in Mumbai makes me miss the green plains of the Ugandan National Parks even more. Away from the city, surrounded by nature and finally able to breathe. This picture was taken while cruising along the Nile in Murchison Falls National Park. It was my first real experience of going on Safari and seeing animals in their natural habitat, not caged up and not being mistreated for human pleasure. Needless to say, I loved it. • • • • • #murchisonfallsnationalpark #discovery #nature #natureaddict #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifeaddicts #natgeo #adventure #safari #gamedrive #stoppoaching #stoppoachers #africanamazing #elephantsofinstagram #mothernaturesbeauty #natureatitsbest #greeneryscenery #breatheitin #breathoffreshair #atpeace #observing #thingsisee #ugandatravel #uganda #africalife #canon #canon_official #teamcanon

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View of the neighboring rock on the way to the summit of Mount Napak. #DiscoverKaramoja’s highlands at

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Moroto-Nakapiripirit #Uganda #Karamoja #Tour #Visit #Explore

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Left a piece of my heart in this amazing place #Uganda #queenelizabethnationalpark ❤🇺🇬

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Sunset in our neighborhood.

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Lake Mutanda #Uganda 🇺🇬

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