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Hotel Review: What it’s like to stay at Mbale Resort Hotel

Hotel living is so sweet, Getting a few days/ weeks off your work schedule for a vacation, friends getaway, is a golden opportunity to squeeze in some travels. Just like it sounds, Uganda- The Pearl of Africa is one of the most affordable country to visit-absolutely budget friendly with bonuses of meeting the most friendly and hospitable people ever.

For some reason- “work related”, I found myself in Mbale town. An amazing town with various natural features and historical sites like Mount Elgon, The Historic Nyero Rock Paintings, The Jewish Community Temple (Semei Kakungulu site), Wanale Hill, Sipi & Sisiyi falls.

Is a visiting Sipi falls on your bucket list? Then just read and find out why you need to camp at Mbale Resort Hotel.

Mbale Resort Hotel the perfect choice for a comfortable-luxury stay. It is a five star hotel located along Plot 50, Bungokho Rd, Mbale, Uganda- in the centre of Mbale town. It’s quite easy to bounce around to wherever you want to go and get back safely in the hotel. The Huge Resort complex is surrounded by immaculate landscaping, a swimming pool, 94 rooms on 2 wings, on-site restaurants, bars and my favorite feature – a massive green environment is its pride and joy. Moreover trips to all the sites can be arranged at the hotel with pattern tour companies.

I arrived in the afternoon – and honestly, I was surprise to see a doorman outside potentially waiting for me. The reception is really elegant and you get to expect what is to come without doubt.

The Rooms

The styling in the room is very sleek! I cannot fault the room. Uniquely decorated with cool color palette which offers a pleasant and comfortable stay. Every room has got comfortable woolen floor carpet that feels good on your feet.  The styling throughout the room is very bold with excellent lighting features, comfortable large sofas, dressing mirrors, beds, TV, air-conditioning, private bathrooms.

I loved the color scheme and the furniture- everything felt very cozy in a way, yet super elegant. Be sure the rooms are noise free- that I loved. Neatly organized wardrobes. Also a seating area with a table, suitable for working space with appropriate lighting. The big windows let in lots of light and a great view of the splendid garden view.

The Bathroom

The bathroom has a huge sense of quality, which is the best thing a hotel can do.  Extremely clean and glorious with a fairly sizable wall mirrorwhat more does a lady want in the bathroom.

A very modern design with beautiful lighting throughout. It’s not just beautiful, its functions are fantastic. I love the shower head, bath, toiletries- absolutely the super white soft towels and I was delighted by the hotel’s choice.

The Dining

The extension of the dinning on the balcony offers you a beautiful view of the green and Mount Elgon.

Conference hall

Thinking of having any events? – don’t think twice about Mbale Resort Hotel. Their halls are designed to suit your interests from conferences, to parties, weddings, and workshops/seminars. The rooms have adequate air conditioners, lightings, comfortable chairs, Public Address Systems tables to make your stay fruitful and a memorable one.


The gym room is ginormous – adequate for staying fit and they have all the fitness machines. Clearly, what more could you need in a gym!? Too bad I didn’t have time to hit the gym!.

General thought

I really loved the gorgeous hotel grounds, designs and excellent services offered by the staff. Without doubt, I would get back to this hotel again and again, again!!. I would also recommend anyone to Stay at Mbale Resort Hotel -it’s a great Choice.

Have you been to this hotel? What do you have to say?


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This is an Aerial Video of Mbale Resort Hotel from the Sky

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