I have never told you

I have told you my dreams
I have told you my fears
I have told you my lies
I have told you my deepest secrets
But there are something’s I have never told you

I have never told you…
I miss you so much,
Sunrise to sunset I miss you,
I think about you; even when
I told myself to stop…..I just can’t

I have never told you…
The one-word reply you send makes me cry,
It breaks my heart,
100 words I send you, 1000 I eagerly wait for,
But then I realize that,
It’s not just you BUT me in love with you

I have never told you…
You are the one I dream about every night,
You wander in the corridor of my mind,
Your hug, tender kisses; you cuddle me in your masculine arms,
As I relax on your chest, enjoying the heart beat,
Your smile glows on my face,
And give peace to my heart.

I have never told you…
You may think it’s the usual joke
But am deeply in love with you,
Your deep voice is the therapy my soul needs,
Your deep gaze into my eyes is what my heart longs for,
To see not only the beauty of my face, smile,
But also the pure love in my eyes.

I have never told you…
I see love in your eyes,
You try to fight it,
Confusion fights it,
Doubts and fear fights it,
But then I see innocent you,
And I give in to your cute firm smile,
And never let my pain and tears fall.

I have never told you…
I love every bit of you BUT I have to let you go…..,
I give you freedom,
To go, follow your dreams, find your happiness,
Follow what your heart desires; still, it will give me joy,
If you need me, I will be in the place of our rich love,
Hope you come back soon, not too late,

Still, there are endless things have never told you,
Hope one day you will know.

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