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Make a Fashion Statement

        So, we all have that one friend who always makes a fashion statement, right?!?

You don’t know how they do it but they pull it off anyway, their appearance feels like the goddess kind

Not that they dress to the nines but they always add something to the outfit, something exceptional!

You cant beat them at their own game.

Is it that their rich???  Is it that they watch more fashion TV than you do? Is it that fashion is borne deep in them to the smallest chromosome??

Well it could be this and other far cry reasons, allow me open your eyes.

First and foremost the word *statement* according to my primary cognition means to make a standing fact, simply doing something that will send a message across, so that one friend who just seems to nail it all the time is just so good at making a fashion statement, they may not necessarily  have all the money in the world but they just take an extra effort when it comes it fashion.

Another interesting fact is their ever rising boldness, have you met that one person who is dressed you don’t know how but the way they walk, carry themselves when wearing this unreasonable attire, stunning!!! At first sight it seems awfully weird but they make you fall in love with it, one word for that *confidence*

A young man once told me that  ” fashion starts from the mind”.

So I think you all realize the secret of that one friend, its not that they are the ancestor of Paris the backbone of fashion but its just a few facts that they are at per with when it comes to how they dress.

Do you want to make a fashion statement today??

Just make an extra effort, think it through.

Oh and don’t forget your garment of confidence, now that’s a fashion closure!!!!

Her name Is Tiona
Fabiola and a friend

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