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We invite you, our readers, to submit contributions similar to those posted on This Is Uganda by our full-time writers.

If you feel strongly about:

• Uganda’s identity in our globalised world
• the African identity in our globalised world
• Africa’s engagement with the rest of the world (politically, economically, culturally)
• contemporary urban African life and culture
• a news event relating to Africa and/or the way said news event is being covered by the international media
• any other field of interest relating to contemporary Africa and Africans at home or in the diaspora

or if you have original ideas you’d like to share, submit your writing to us. Well-written contributions will be published on the This Is Africa website, and topical contributions stand a better chance of being published.

• Please note that we are interested in well-considered opinion pieces and commentary, not letters.
• Include your full name, URL (if you have a blog of your own) and one or two sentences about yourself.

Email your contribution to

We  reserve the right to decline or accept any contribution at our sole discretion and without notification. Please do not submit contributions promoting companies, NGOs, businesses or services.

To submit music please use the Submit Music page.

If you wish to comment on any article on This Is Africa, you can also respond in the comments section below each article, using your Facebook login, Disqus login or as an anonymous commenter.

Payments                                                                                                                                                         Due to budgetary constraints, we are unable to pay for any unsolicited content.

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