Supersized big fish: Fishermen catch a big fish weighing 205Kg in Uganda

This supersized big fish weighing 205kg  was caught by Fishermen  at Ggaba landing site, Lake Victoria-Uganda

It’s all about big fish today. One of the biggest fish we know of is the shark! but we don’t have those in Uganda.

We have our beloved Nile perch, which can grow as a big as a shark.

Fishermen at Ggaba landing site, Lake Victoria  caught a supersized Nile perch weighing about 205kg or 451 pounds.

The locals who saw the fish were stunned by the massive size of it as they had never seen one that big.

The supersized big fish was later sold for a record Ugx 4, 200,000(1223 US Dollars) 

To inspire your eyes , here are more pics of the supersized Nile perch:





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