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The magic of Uganda: 25+ Gorgeous photos of the Pearl of Africa

Uganda is a country located in the East of Africa. It is a country blessed with absolutely stunning landscapes, flora and fauna, beautiful climate, the misty snow-caped Mountains of the moon, abundant wildlife and is home to the Nile River’s Murchison falls.

The South west of the country is a mountainous  area , the centre is dominated by lush vegetation and large water-bodies, the north is blessed with savannah grasslands and a semi-desert, River nile has the source that feeds it in the east.

In recent years, the tourism has developed a lot, more and more people choosing Uganda as a holiday destination. Depending on one’s interest, this country can provide almost everything from pure wild nature, an exotic culture, snow-capped and the tallest mountain range in Africa, the source that feeds the world’s longest river, Africa’s largest lake and the endangered mountain gorilla’s – half of them residing here.

This article is meant to prove the truth that lays in what was written above and give you an opportunity to visualize and enjoy, the beauties of Uganda.

Kampala, a city build on 7 hills

Kampala is a lively and dusty city, it is wonderful to roam the streets of Kampala. Mercer, a global development consulting agency ranked Kampala as the best city to live in East Africa. Photo credit: Media Might Photography

Momma and her precious little one

Mountain Gorilla’s have been marked as one of the most Critically Endangered animal species on planet earth with only 880 remaining- half of them residing in Uganda.

The Magical Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi located near the Rwandan border is an underrated destination in Uganda with a devastatingly beautiful landscape.

Sunset in Uganda

An acacia tree in the Murchison Falls National park Photo Credit: Laurence Gien

A rural Homestead

Photo by Brian wolfe
A rural homestead in katakwi ,Uganda: Photo by Brian wolfe

Sippi Falls

Sipi falls
Sipi falls located the East of Uganda is a series of three waterfalls . It lies on the edge of Mount Elgon National Park.

Beautiful and Amazing!

Amazing and so beautiful at Lake Mburu National park. Look at the animals on the foreground!

The Amazing Bwindi Impenetrable forest

Bwindi is an amazing forest with beautiful water stream, waving trees, singing birds, lots of wild nature and above all is home to the endangered Mountain Gorilla’s.
Mist over Bwindi impenetrable forest

The most “powerful” waterfalls on the Nile

Murchison falls
The rapids at Murchison falls are the most powerful on the River Nile in terms of the force of water ejected from the falls itself

A glimpse of Beauty

A beautiful Landscape somewhere in Mbale, Uganda. Photo credit: Connor Cavanagh

The Beautiful Crater lake’s

The Crater lake’s in the Queen Elizabeth National Park
Upclose: A crater lake in Queen Elizabeth National Park i. Half crater, half lake

Breathtaking Landscapes

Diversity dominates Uganda in both breathtaking landscapes and wildlife Photo credit: Helen Stuk

Picturesque- Bahai temple

Bahai Temple Uganda kampala
Just like the faith it represents, the Bahai temple is no ordinary house of worship.

Early Morning landscape

Picturesque early morning shot of Kidepo National Park in the North East of uganda

The Real Lion King

Lion king uganda
LION KING: A Lion lies upon a rock in Kidepo Valley National park Photo credit: Burrard-Lucas

Diverse Beautiful Landscape

The beautiful Landscape at Kidepo National Park
A Lone Giraffe at Kidepo National Park

The Manyata’s of the Karimojong

A manyata is one central settlement were the Karimojong stay.

The Breast Mountain – Mountain Elgon

Mountain Elgon is the eighth highest Mountain in Africa and straddles the borders of Uganda and Kenya. It was known as the “Breast mountain” by the locals

The picturesque Narus valley

A picturesque landscape at Narus Valley located in Kidepo National park

Queen Elizabeth National Park

A parade of Elephants roam inside Uganda’s Queen Elizabeth Park. Photo credit by Joel Sartore, National Geographic

Mountains of the moon


The snow capped Rwenzori Mountains(Mountains of the moon) rise 5000m. Their summits are some of the only equatorial glaciers on Earth.

A path to the Hot springs

The path to the Hot Springs of Semuliki National Park

Beautifully breathtaking sunset

Don’t miss the night time skies of Uganda, they are beautifully breathtaking

 Elephants at Murchison

Elephants at Murchison Falls National Park, Photo credits: National Geographic

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