Stunning Picture showing the beautiful Uganda skyline
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This is my Uganda

Born and raised in Uganda… Where?? In Uganda!!!

The interestingly small but large country found in the east of Africa, well if that didn’t help, the country that was ruled by the erratic ruler Idi Amin, Oh there you go! We are now getting on track.

Idi Amin expelled thousands of Asians from Uganda. Photo credit: Associated Press

Do i love Uganda, you ask? Do i wish i one Day woke up in the horizon of the European countries, to the gut-busting Swedish traditions, the cinnamon bun Day?

Maybe, Yes! But i would still choose Uganda am glued to it!

So you must be thinking, she is damned? Right?!? With the red flags of the drastic rise in corruption, threatening high unemployment rates, i would go on and on but i choose to magnify the bigger picture, there is beauty in Uganda, noticeable beauty.

Without further ado, let me take you through the beauty of the Pearl of Africa.

The Ugandans, oh yes! The people besides them being welcoming, loving blah, blah

We have learnt to make humor out of every challenge we face as a country, we call this humor “Uganda Zaabu”, i mean between a legislator who asked for parliamentary sessions to be translated to vernacular, tycoons asking the government to rescue them from pits of Bank loans to a professor undressing in protest! What more can we do than just laugh about it? Humor is part of a days work for a Ugandan.

Ugandans are also pretty much into trends from what i can tell but underneath all that we have a deep respect for our traditions.

Moving on “The Food” The Rolex, if you haven’t tasted the Rolex, you don’t know what you are missing, declared by CNN as one of the fastest growing new African fast foods. Woot! Woot! It all started as a road side snack comprising of eggs and chapati but later evolved into a mix of vegetables, sausage, chicken…. Adding on the list of our foods Matooke, rice, potatoes among others a pack of healthy food!

CNN named the Ugandan Rolex as one of Africa's most delicious foods.
CNN named the Ugandan Rolex as one of Africa’s most delicious foods.


So i saved the best for last, the nature *Trumpets blare* Uganda has been ranked as one of the most attractive countries in Africa by expat insider, double point for us!

Uganda tops African countries with the most attractive environment where people would want to move, live and work, a survey has revealed. - See more at:
Uganda – ranked as the most attractive country in Africa by Expat Insider.

With the golden monkeys, spotted hyenas that have a famous laugh, elephants that total to 2500, lions, the leopards to lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in Africa(900m),the extinct shield volcano Mt. Elgon, waterfalls gushing over the rocks with a beautiful serenity – pool at the bottom – Murchison falls, the mountains of the moon – the Rwenzori mountain ranges, finally since i cant exhaust them all the really really hairy, gelastic but strong gorillas found in Bwindi forest.

Priceless! Sigh….

There are less than 880 left Mountain Gorillas in the world. One group of gorillas lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. The other group is spread over
Mountain gorilla’s have become the most endangered type of gorilla. There are less than 880 left in the world. One group of gorillas lives in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda. 
Stunning Picture showing the beautiful Uganda skyline
Uganda has a delightful tropical weather . 

The above is just a drop in the bucket about the beauty of my Uganda, did i mention the climate?!?

The best climate, Tropical at that!

Is there any other place i would rather be? No!

This is my Uganda, I love Uganda.

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